Underwater Chaos and Beauty

思いがけなく小さな子供達と一緒にアートする楽しさを教えてもらった。I love collaborating with young children to co-create art.  The opportunity was presented to me when a 2-year-old boy gave me his drawing on construction paper.  I didn’t know the boy that well but I was moved by his kind gesture and decided to post his art on a wall in my bedroom thinking that I will keep it for few days and take it down.  A few days later, I was looking at his drawing while laying in bed and really liked the energy.  It made me want to draw along with his images.  I decided to use the same type of marker pens he used and started layering the lines and colors within his drawing.  The result is this image and I titled it, “Underwater chaos and beauty”.   I enjoyed the process and since then have continued to collaborate with other 2-year old artists to co-create art!