My Journey


Rumi Hashimoto

ハシモト ルミ

my life work







I’ve written a few professional bios and resumes in my life. But, when I began writing for this website, it was as if it all came together in a moment of reflection. Up until this point in my life, I’ve played a lot of different roles, as we all have probably done, as a student, community member, work employee, family member, etc. I’m grateful for all of my life experiences. I came to realize, however, that through all of my role playing, I may have lost focus on my Self – me as me, the “roleless” individual who lives as the center of my being. So with this website, I hope to share my work from a place where I am connected with my inner self as a form of communication through art. It’s from this place that I have learned the “work of living” and from which place I look forward to collaborating with others. I have gratitude for the support I receive!

I don’t have special training or formal background as an artist. Based on this, some may dispute the title of “artist”. Whatever your view, my hope is simply this: Through art, may we be so lucky as to connect with one another as we weave together the beautiful tapestry of life.

This may be the greatest gift I will ever receive!

Past Art Exhibits

“Hitotsu Kata Art in Kumano” Exhibit
Location: to CousCous (Kumano, Japan)
Date: November 1-28, 2018

ヒトツカタ・古代文字アート」 Exhibit

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