Kikezuri “Fumiko”

今回の木削りは3回目。お正月のおせち料理に使ったかまぼこの板。Kikezuri means “wood shaving” in Japanese.

Wood shaving is different from wood carving. It might sound the same, but one major different is that you are not in charge of deciding the end result. You listen to the wood you are holding in your hands and allow the wood to guide you as you shave it as it is meant to be shaped. This is my third ‘kikezuri’ piece, having learned this art form from a Kikezuri Master, Yo-san (Mr. Yo Takimoto), a few months ago.  Today, I used a piece of wood made to hold “kamaboko” (traditional Japanese fish cake often used for New Years dishes).  The company name that marked the wood happened to have the Japanese character for “Fumi” embedded into it. So as I shaved this piece, I did so in honor of a dear Japanese woman named, Fumiko, who a year ago passed away just before her 98th birthday.