Horse Wisdom_Magic_#1

The image was drawn in October of 2007.  It may sound strange but this extraordinary horse Magic came through as a drawing before I actually met him.  This “Magic”-al experience all began when I first read, “Riding Between the Worlds” by Linda Kohanov, which guided me into the world of Equine wisdom. After reading this book, I saw in my mind’s eye an image of a chestnut-colored horse standing amidst the darkness.  This youthful horse stood tall with a distinct white mark on his face and a beautifully full wavy mane.  When I closed my eyes to focus on his image, I began to notice more details – a strikingly bright glowing white light radiating from his forehead mixed with radiant green and pink shining from his chest.   I felt as though he was telling me to draw him.  My first reaction was, “ I don’t know how to draw a horse… I’ve never drawn one… “ Even with all the doubt I had, his energetic presence was so strong that my initial hesitation soon turned to curiosity.  Still not knowing exactly what to do, I began by pulling out a piece of black drawing paper.  I sat in front of this blank canvas for a while until I mustered up the courage to picked up a white colored pencil.  Then as my hands began drawing over the black paper canvas, I kept thinking of a horse yet still not knowing what to do.  Then something magical happened. To my surprise, a horse appeared on the paper just as it had appeared in my mind’s eye.  With amazement, I continued by adding shades of light and the vivid colors I had imaged.   And this was the beginning of my journey into the world of Equine wisdom.


While reading “ Riding Between the Worlds”, I was equally excited to discover that the most influential leader in Holistic Nursing, Charlie McGuire (founder of the American Holistic Nurses Association), had a horse ranch in Colorado.  She was an enthusiastic student of Linda’s innovative horse therapy (Equine Facilitated Integrative Healing Therapy).  I wanted to know more about this horse therapy and couldn’t think of anyone better than Charlie to study with.  I was excited about my newfound awareness and was eager to begin my studying. I felt that horses were the teachers I needed in my life at the time.  They held the missing pieces that I had been searching for to ground my work as a healer and to accelerate my growth as a person.


Now for the hard part.  I needed to find a way to contact Charlie to let her know I was interested in studying with her at her horse ranch in Colorado.  Although I had known Charlie as a leader in Holistic Nursing for many years, she didn’t know me. So late one night, wide awake with anxious excitement about what to do next, I had drawn the image of Magic. The excitement of this new experience was the momentum and courage I needed to contact Charlie.   I sent her an email and asked if I could come to her ranch as a work study student.  I took a photo of the drawing and attached it to the email.  The next morning I received a phone call from Charlie and I vividly remember her saying, “Sounds like you have a journey to walk.  I’m happy to support you.  When do you want to come?”  It was late October when I first spoke with her and by the mid-December I had arrived at the horse ranch.  Located in the middle of the snow-covered high desert of southwest Colorado is where I met the horse I had drawn a few months earlier. Out of the 9 horses on the ranch, I knew instantly when I saw Magic standing in his stall, that it was him who told me to draw this image. Magic was a young horse among a herd of wise horses.  He was somewhat reserved and even seemed shy around me.  I, on the other hand, was so excited to meet him that I said to him, “It was YOU!!”  His reaction was equally unexpected as our first energetic encounter.  He said, or at least I thought he said, “Yes, it was me” in such a matter of fact way, without hesitation or excitement, but nothing less than clarity and certainty. May you experience the generosity, wisdom and pure energy of Magic through these art pieces. The energy never fades as it continues to support all those who seek to receive his healing energy. May you be GenKi!




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