Horse Wisdom_Magic_#2

This second image in this series is a tribute to Magic and how I remember him during our last encounter at the ranch.  Two weeks after a visit to the ranch in April of 2011 (3.5 years after our first encounter and many visits to the ranch), I received a call informing me of Magic’s unexpected sudden passing.  Although in shock and deep despair, Magic’s energy again moved me (basically told me) to draw his image again, this time from the back.  My first reaction was very similar to the first experience, “How?…  I’ve never drawn a horse from the back…  I don’t know how.”  This time, I quickly realized that even full of doubt, I was to follow the energetic message by simply beginning to draw.


This time I also knew immediately what the image meant.  He wanted me to draw our last encounter when I went to say good bye.  When I reached his stall, he was peaking through a small opening half of his face showing as he look directly at me.  I opened the gate and walked into his stall.  As always, he was timid at first but slowly he turned his body so that his back side was against me.  Most horse people would tell you that such a gesture could be dangerous.  However, I also knew through my study of equine healing therapies that some horses are evolved enough to run energy through their back side (along the spine). To run healing energy horses turn their body to face away from you, not as a warning, but to run healing energy.  I had experienced their gift with other more mature horses at the ranch.  Magic, however, was a young horse and had not evolved enough to run energy in such a way (or so we thought).  Something was different that morning.  Something told me not to move when he started to turn his back side toward me so I decided to stand still to see what might happen.  I soon realized that he was running energy through his spine and sending energy toward me.  I was overwhelmed by a feeling of love and acceptance.  After this special time we shared, I thanked him.

そして、今回は、この絵がどんな意味を持っているのかもすぐに理解できた。マジックは、私たちが最後にお別れを行った時に起こった事を絵にしろと言っている。牧場を離れる前いつもように、馬屋に行って一頭一頭に、おわかれの挨拶をするのが私の流儀。マジックの’いる馬屋に行くと、馬屋の影から、顔を半分出して、私の事をじーっと見ていた。なかなか出てこないので、馬屋の中に入っていくと、しばらしてゆっくりと私にお尻をむけるように体の位置を変えた。普通馬は、何かが氣に入らない時にこうゆう動作をする事が多いので、馬にお尻を向けられた時は、蹴られないようにそこから離れるのが常識となっている。でも馬のセラピーで学んだ事は、馬は時にヒーリングの意図で、背骨に沿ってお尻からエネルギーを流す事がある事も知っていた。でも若いマジックには、まだその仕方がわかっていないと思っていたので、マジックがお尻を私に向け出した時、何か嫌がっているのかな?ここに立っていたらあぶないかも?と一瞬不安が横切った。 でもすぐにその思いは消え、「今はそのまま動かないで」と言われた氣がしたので、その直感を信じてそのままそこにいる事にした。 次に起こった事は、今でも信じられないくらい驚きと感動の体験だった。マジックが初めて、自分のお尻から、私の体を包み込むように優しい氣を送ってくれのだ。体の細胞が一つ一つほぐれていく心地よい感覚が体全体に広がっていった。魔法のように時間が止まった。

I’m still not sure why he passed so suddenly but wonder if he knew of his destiny when I said good-bye to him.  I think he wanted to show his true capacity before leaving the physical world.  My heart had to stretch to hold this deep sense of loss along with the  sadness of not being able to see him again.  At the same time, I was filled with even deeper sense of love and gratitude for his generosity in sharing his presence and warmth during our last encounter.   Thank you Magic for teaching me how to expand my heart to hold both sadness and love.  You are forever in my heart.

May you experience the generosity, wisdom and pure energy of Magic through these art pieces. The energy never fades as it continues to support all those who seek to receive his healing energy. 

May you be GenKi!




May you be GenKi!

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