Girls’ Day and Tiny House

今日はひな祭り。タイニーハウスでも小さな「お手玉お雛様」を飾りました。Hinamatsuri (Hina-matsuri), also known as Girl’s day, is a special day in Japan celebrated every year on March 3rd. Traditionally, several platforms covered with red carpet are used to display a set of ornamental dolls representing the Emperor and Empress, along with attendants and musicians in traditional kimono (Japanese attire) of the Heian period.  The display can be as large as 5~6 feet high and several feet wide takes up a lot of space.  In our tiny house, we honor the Hinamatsuri tradition by displaying miniature dolls of the Emperor and Empress.  Happy Hinamatsuri to all the beautiful girls and women all over the world!