Anticipation & Realization

この2つのイメージは、2017年1月にカリフォルニアで開催したヒーリングタッチ認定プログラム·レベル1の講習会の会場に向かう車の窓から見えた朝の景色からの贈り物。Another pastel art inspired by Level 1 Healing Touch (GenKi therapy).

The inspiration for these pastel pieces was born out of a Healing Touch workshop in January of 2017. (The same class also inspired the image of Consensual Leadership.)    


The first image entitled “Anticipation”, came through on the morning of day 1 as we drove down Interstate 5 on our way to the workshop. It was just before sunrise when I noticed the beautiful morning sky radiating with a mixture of grey and salmon pink clouds.  The sky appeared to be reflecting our excitement and anticipation for the class.  I felt a gentle tension in the air as I looked toward the sky with quiet anticipation of what was to come.  Day one of the workshop was all that we had expected and more. More importantly, we were energized with a renewed sense of appreciation and excitement for our work. 


The second image was inspired on the morning of Day 2 while driving down Interstate 5 on the way to our workshop location.  Having left about 15 minutes later than the previous day, we were greeted with another beautiful sunrise from the same sky we saw just one day before.  This day the image again reflected our mood as our hearts were filed with gratitude for all that was unfolding.  Therefore, I named the second piece, “Realization”.

As these images might evoke different responses from different people, I humbly share my interpretation: “To face the unknown with genuine anticipation and courage, is to realize that you are always supported to walk your path.  No matter how many uncertainties you face in your life, the sun will always rise in the morning regardless of how many clouds there are in the sky.”

May you be GenKi and supported on your path!

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2作目のイメージは、1日目と同じ場所から昇る朝日。タイトルは「実現」。講習会2日目の朝、同じ場所を15分ほど遅く通った時に見た同じ丘の上から昇る太陽の美しさは、講習会前に確認し合った「願い」と「思い」が、現実のものとなっている事への感謝の氣持ちと重なった。そして、「私達は支えられている」と改めて感じた。未知の世界に抱く不安感は、いつもどこかに潜んでいるもの。 でも、雲に隠れていても雨が降っていても、太陽は必ず毎日昇ってくるように、今の努力はきっと何かの形で「日の目をみる」日がくることさえ忘れなければ、不安な時も前に進める。その日の太陽は、壮厳でやさしかった!