A Big Fish in Kumano: Line drawing in Onigajo

私の故郷熊野には、変化に飛んだ海岸線がある。The Big Fish in the ocean actually is the nature itself.


The Big Fish in the ocean actually is the nature itself.  It goes beyond the shape of a fish, fills the entire ocean and the surrounding mountains and the sky… and more…

This line drawing came through right after the walk along the rocky shore near my home called Oni-ga-jo.  Onigajo has a distinct landscape which consists of many caves and rocks curved by the waves. The name “Onigajo (Demon castle)” originates from a legend that there once lived many pirates  feared as “Demons” in this area. The place was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site as part of “Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Peninsula” in 2004.  My conversations with the Big Fish continues in Kumano.